Zhiyun WEEBILL LAB – DSLR Camera Gimbal for $449 | £469

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Zhiyun has long since ceased to be an unknown brand and has established a reputation as a manufacturer of gimbals suitable for mobile phones and cameras. The WEEBILL LAB is now aimed at semi-professional users and heavier DSLR cameras weighing up to 3 kg.


Zhiyun is focusing on a new design, which is not to be found in any of their previous models. Depending on the intended use, the camera can be held differently. On most pictures the handle is located above the camera; the lower center of gravity makes it easier to carry. The same way you can hold the gimbal “classically” upright. In both cases it is possible to hold the WEEBILL LAB with two hands. The handle is removable and can also be screwed under the gimbal as a tripod tripod.

It weighs 970 g (without inserted battery) and is less than 30 cm long when folded. According to Zhiyun it is “smaller than a DIN A4 sheet”. The maximum payload is 3 kg. A list of all compatible camera models is available directly from the manufacturer.

Zhiyun WEEBILL LAB DSLR Gimbal back

The functions supported by WEBILL LAB are Pan-Follow, Full-Follow, Lock, POV, Vortex and PhoneGo. If the camera supports this, the recordings can also be transferred to a smartphone in real time. The mobile phone can be clamped directly to the gimbal in an appropriate holder and thus serves as a second display. There is also an app (ZY Play) that offers additional modes and setting options.

Since all axes can be locked separately, you don’t have to re-balance after each start because you can remember the positions. In general, commissioning and changing the camera should be quick and easy. The battery life of the gimbal should be up to twelve hours.

Evaluation of the WEEBILL LAB Gimbal

The WEBILL LAB is no gimbal for a short city holiday. Here a small model for the smartphone or the action cam is more suitable. The WEEBILL LAB is more suitable when you want to take your time and want to make really nice and stabilized recordings with the DSLR or DSLM. Are there (hobby) photographers among you who have experience with gimbals of this size, or have a strong interest in such a device?

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